1. How can we help?
We offer English and Mathematics, for schoolchildren between Year 1 and Year 11, and we can offer help with GCSE Retakes.  We also offer support to adults wishing to take GCSE English or Mathematics. If you have a need for other services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

2. Do you set work for 5 days or 7 days each week?

We work with each individual learner and their families to build a tailored study plan.  The important thing to us is that the plan is right for you!

3. What is the difference between our education centre and private tuition?

Our education centre provides a comprehensive tailored plan across your chosen subject(s) comprising homework throughout the week, reinforced with supervised face-to-face or electronic working in small groups.  Our private tuition offers focussed learning of just one or two topics, across a four or eight week course.

4. Which option is right for me?

Contact us and we will discuss your needs. 

5. Are your prices competitive?

All of our prices are competitive both for our education centre offering and for private tuition.

6. What payment methods are accepted?

For the initial assessment, payment by bank transfer, or we can take payment in cash and will provide a receipt.

For our education centre packages, payment by standing order on the first of the month.

For our tuition, payment can be by standing order or by bank transfer.

For all options, payment must be received in advance.