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Students Writing on Board

Providing Personal Teaching

At Gift of Learning, we will develop the style of teaching that helps your child.

A classroom can sometimes feel unforgiving.  Lessons are often taught in ways that overlook the special and individual needs of particular students.  Gaby is flexible and approachable and has taught in both Inclusion and Mainstream classrooms so has experienced getting the best of Gifted and Talented Pupils and also students with Special Needs.
Imagine a world where everything is too easy.  We will develop the stimulation for your child.
High achieving children often find classes easy and insufficiently stimulating.  Children who have finished swiftly are often asked to help the other pupils, making their school experiences frustrating and dull.  At Gift of Learning, we will provide work that quickens and inspires your child's interest, building a spark of enjoyment that will remain with them forever.

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