Hope and the future

The picture on the right was taken the Monday after I'd lost my job, unwillingly joining my husband in unemployment. I wrote that despite the grey outlook, I was buoyed by the uplifting birdsong and the delightful scents from the local bakery. I wrote about my hopes for a future in which we could work together and for ourselves. The picture on the left was taken in May. The sky is filled with the promise of warmth, and the view is clearer. It is the day of my daughter's final school exams. A day for optimistic hope. We have shaped and grown our business, developing our brand and repeating what we offer until we breathe the details in our sleep! His business mind drives the concept and organisation, while my teaching mind prepares the work. We will have a support centre, where concerned parents bring children who have suffered from the interruptions of Covid. In that way, I can teach, and he can organise. We can work together, while also benefitting from a different way of life. Now, as England Opens Up again, I begin to build my business in this new and exciting arena of teaching. We have taken the hurdles placed before us, leapt willingly across them, and hope for a successful future!

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